Dec 30, 2013

People watching.

Is what I´ve been doing recently.
Love sitting and absorbing everything I see. 
Sometimes take out my camera and just wait. 
Until I see a moment. 
The moment. 
I want to capture things in my surrounding. 
That other people take for granted. 
Or simply just do not see until I show them. 
I´m relaxed. 
And I got drunk yesterday. 
On tequila and margaritas. 
With my two women in Tulum.

P.S. I´m building my own website.
Stay tuned. 

Yet again, an umbrella.

I have unintentionally created a series called Loneliness.
I guess I just needed to express how I felt once and I like the idea now.

Clouds have been a theme in my recent pictures.
I love this moment.

Dec 26, 2013

Recently I have.

Seen intriguing reflections.

Look up at heavy crosses.

Hated on people feeding birds.
Admired the colors on beach umbrellas.

Dec 24, 2013

Happy Holidays.

Unordinary Christmas. 
I have done many of them. 
And I like them.
Last year this day was spent on a plane. 
To Finland. 
For a surprise visit. 
Now my family was here. 
I woke up at 7 am. 
Day nr 2 of doing morning yoga on the beach.
Then we all went to the beach. 
Including dogs. 
It was a beautiful day.
I ran errands. 
Later we made dinner together. 
And enjoyed each others company. 
All in all a good day. 
Tomorrow will be even better as I will spend a few hours on a plane. 
And spend about 10 days in the beautiful country of Mexico. 


Everyone needs a little xmas Elvis. 

Dec 22, 2013


To being at home.
Surrounded by family.
Life in general.

I started arranging everything I have today.
I would say that´s is about 6 huge suitcases in total.
I got so overwhelmed.
I don´t have anywhere to put anything.
I got anxious.
And started having difficulties breathing.
I should get rid of a lot.

I have been so uncomfortable in my own mind.
Feeling like I don´t know what to do with myself.
I call it "post-tour depression".
My family is here.
And I love it.
They are helping me in the process but it´s hard.
My mind is scattered.
In 3 days I´ll be in Mexico.
That should do it.

I bought a bunch of new work out clothes.
Tomorrow I´m gonna try to heal my mind.
Yoga at 7am on the beach during sunrise.

I haven´t done instagram in 2, almost 3 days.
Something is definitely wrong.
I lost my favourite pair of sunnies somewhere on the road.
They were cheap, from a thrift store in australia and mirrored.
And I once thought "Oh damn if I ever loose these".
One second I had them, the other I didn´t.
No one saw or knew anything.
So a sunglass shop convinced me to buy expensive foldable Ray-Bans.
I have a weakness for good sellers. 

Dec 20, 2013

I have returned.

We drove for 10 hours.
And here I am.
Safe and sound.
Talk to you soon.
I need a beer.
It´s been a crazy day.
Go check out my Flickr. 
Is Christmas coming?

I met the Voodo lady in New Orleans. XXX.

And somewhere in Florida this morning at 7 am.

Dec 17, 2013

30 000.

So much to say.
How can I make it sort of interesting.
Or funny.
Finding it hard to concentrate.
Turning tv off.
I guess I will just give it a go.
Sitting here on my hotel bed.
In my bathrobe.
Feeling sentimental.

I just cried a little.
Watched the movie 12 years a slave.
Before that I had some fish for late night dinner.
Fish is all I will eat from here on out.
I have had enough of all the shit food this country has to offer.
Whilst being on the road I mean.
Ok I guess I have a flow now.
Maybe I can listen to some music.
I need something mellow.
I really like this new artist Mø.
MØ – Freedom (#1) it is.
Anyways before the late night dinner.
I had a massage.
And this massage got me all emotional.
I knew I was tense as I always am.
I tense up when I´m stressed out.
It felt like I got a lot of emotions and tension released.
It was a healing.
Before the massage I woke up.
Before that I slept.
Before that I arrived to my hotel.
At 6am I believe.
Before that I was in a bar somewhere.
With a bunch of amazing people.
People I know well.
And people I will never see again.
Before that we were at a dark pub.
One of the few evenings where I had left work behind.
And let myself relax.
So I sat back.
Lit my cigarette.
And sipped.
Chugged my whiskey cokes.
Before that I worked.

By the way.
I never share visitor statuses.
I have to thank you.
30 000.
I wish I would know more about you.
What your name is?
Where your from?
What makes you happy?
What makes you return and read this, if you do?

I am texting Nico.
Who is in the room next door.
About the past year.
It´s been an adventure.
And I´ve visited so many places.
So many countries.
So many cities.
Been super busy.
But had a lot of fun.
I have learned a lot about myself this year.
I have gotten to know myself in a way I never knew before.
I have grown.
And I feel I´ve changed a lot.
I see the world in a whole new way.
Next year will bring so much more.
Nothings impossible.
I feel amazing things happening.

We had a connection.
Last full moon of the year. Did you see it last night?
Lonely showers.
Hotel life is bringing me down.
At least when this room is too planned out.
Everything matches.
Same shower curtain as curtains in windows.
And pillows.
I feel satisfaction in messing my room up.
And leaving stuff everywhere.
I think it makes it feel more like your own.

Dec 15, 2013

Day off.

I´m so exhausted.
I´m so exhausted.
I´m so exhausted. 
Did you get it?
When you just keep on going. 
Everything is good. 
But when you let yourself rest.
It hits you.
You need a holiday. 
I feel overly depressed today. 
For no reason. 
I guess there are reasons. 
But there´s no need to share everything. 
Something did make me happy yesterday though. 
Really happy. 
Tomorrow New Orleans. 

One of the pups ate my laces.
And I had some yellow doc martens laces in my bag.
Temporary solutions apply.

My hair is turning brown.
Pretty boring, huh?

Dec 14, 2013


In less than a week my family will be in the states.
It makes me so happy.
Yesterday I slept all day.
So tired.
I´m in Austin.
I downloaded Beyonce´s album.
With videos.
My friend did her hair a couple of weeks ago.
He said: "oh she´s been filming videos all around the world".
And I didn´t even think about it.
I thought, oh that´s just what she does.
And then boom.
Album out.
I watched her very naked and beautiful videos.
Then I went to the gym.
First time since the accident.


Dec 12, 2013

What's the secret?

We played Houston tonight.
There was a couple working.
One did our merch.
The other was the stage manager.
They had been together for 18 years.
Not married.
No kids.
I asked them what their secret was.
I asked them if there's hope for me.

Let's drive to Austin. 
Day off.

This is me in Indonesia in 2011.
This moment was perfect.

Dec 11, 2013


I´m in Dallas.
Yesterday was pretty epic.
We went to see a runway show by Chanel.
My first ever fashion show.
I didn´t know what to think.
It was all inspired by Texas.
Pretty amazing.
As I am a fan of stars and stripes.
First there was a movie about Coco Chanel.
There was probably 40 old school american cars.
The runway show was built like an old barn.
Very american.
The whole after party was like an old country bar.
With line dancing.
We sat in the same table as.
Kristen Stewart.
Zoey Kravitz.
Dakota Fanning.
Lovely girls.
Even Karl Lagerfeld was there.
Amazing to see such a living legend.
Hot Chip performed.
And we said hi to their production manager.
Who we once had wine with in his hotel room in Brooklyn.
Very random.
I am very exhausted today.
And sad.
The dog chewed my shoes.
And did other damage.
And we have a show tonight.
Tomorrow we go to Houston.
5 shows.
And then it´s holiday time.

Also they published a photo I took of Nico.
In the Dallas Observer. 
They misquoted her.
So not the best article.

I hope life takes me where I´m supposed to go.
Don´t we all hope for that?
I guess so.

My love.
I have a thing for cars, have you noticed?
We passed a lot of abandoned and weird towns.
Buildings falling apart.
Abandoned gas stations.
Trailer houses.
So sad yet so aesthetically inspiring. 
And portraits in amazing scenery. 
Open road.
Amazing roads. 
Flowers of sun.

Drive in viewing of the Coco Chanel movie by Karl Lagerfeld.
More shiny amazing cars.

Some random Chanel Cowboys, I had too.
And I had to wear my dirty overly worn Chanel gloves hah.
And finally... KARL!

Stars and stripes, all the way.

Dec 8, 2013


This place is so creepy.
So creepy.
So creepy.
And it´s cold.
And there´s snow.
Heading towards Dallas.
Tonight or maybe tomorrow.
In the morning.
I haven´t been abducted yet.

I got an email today from a reader.
Made me really happy.
It´s fun to get some response.
And to actually have connection.
She said I inspire her.
But she inspired me.
To do even better.
And to be even better.
And to aim higher.
So thank you Johanna.
Life always takes you on the right path.
You just have to start feeling it.
And recognising it.
And taking it.

Me and Nico have been having deep conversations about life.
The past days.
There´s a lot I wonder about.
That I don´t understand.
Being a grown up.
All is very confusing to me.
I observe people around me.
It all seems so easy for them.
Why is that?
I guess the perception of happiness is blurry.
For me it´s something completely different.
Than for you.
Maybe I am still searching.
If you have it.
Please present it to me.
I would prefer a Powerpoint presentation.

Some pictures to share what I´ve seen with you.
Dear people.
Twin Peaks.
My mountain.
My mountain, clearly. 
I bought a tripod, I left mine in Miami for some reason. 
My cars.
My love for old cars. One day I´ll have one.
Silverlake streets.
This was in Silverlake, Los Angeles. 
Me and my forever swollen cheek in the desert.
(Don´t bike while intoxicated)
Arizona desert. 
Or is it?
Now finally, who will publish my pictures? 

Dec 7, 2013

Casa Grande.

I'm somewhere in Arizona.
Apparently Casa Grande.
We left L.A. 
Back on the open road. 
2 of us.
And 3 dogs.
We decided to sleep.
After a 10 hour drive.
And this is where we ended up.
Tomorrow's destination. 
Maybe Ufo's capture us.
And realize they don't need us for nothing. 
We are heading towards Dallas.
5 shows to go.
New Orleans.
Pensacola, have you even heard of that place?
I hadn't. 
Last nights cuddles.
Our magical garden in L.A.
Our amazing villa.
The view leaving "home".
Be back soon.

Dec 5, 2013


I totally forgot about the gala in Finland.
Where my blog is nominated for "Blog of the year".
I will not win.
But the honour of being nominated.
If you know a hint of swedish do watch:

I just woke up.
And the stream is not the best in Atwater Village.
Los Angeles.

Dec 3, 2013

I am.

Yet so relaxed.
And happy.
I´m in L.A.
So what could be wrong?
Why do I always feel so grounded here.
This city always makes me excited.
There´s always something new.
There´s always amazing people.
There´s always hope.
I´m hopeful.
I´m sitting on my bed.
Where I will be grounded for a few days.
I´m driven.
I´m gathering myself.
And soon the road will be calling again.
But for now.
I will fake normal life for a few days.
Who invented that word?

Portraits of America.
And take beautiful pictures of beautiful people. 

Nov 29, 2013


I´m backstage.
I hear people screaming.
I´m in Portland.
I love it here.
I love Seattle too.
And a part of me stayed in Seattle.
We had a good time.
Tomorrow is a day off.
And then 2 shows left for a week.
I have had a horrible day today.
For some reason.
Blood, sweat and tears.
Some days on the road are easier.
Some days are really though.
I am also smoking way too much.
For some reason it feels like a reward.
After working like a maniac.

I´m so inspired though.
I think the future looks pretty bright right now.
I will get shit done.
And work with my own creative projects.
And it makes me really happy.
I can do it.

Nov 27, 2013


I love it here.
I have a huge headache. 
Thank god today is a day off. 
Expect for quickly going in to a studio. 
And answering emails. 
And stressing about the future. 
We arrived 3am. 
I feel like sleeping all day. 
But I need to do something else.

Random shots along the way. 

Views of the desert.
Random stops in the desert.
Bathrobe twins
Salt Lake City, twinning. 
Sleep is my drug.
This morning in my shower bedroom. 
At a random parking lot this fella was staring at me. 

Nov 24, 2013

Where am I?

On tour a common questions are.
Where are we?
Where were we yesterday?
Where are we tomorrow?
Last night when I got to the venue in Denver.
The production manager asked me where we came from.
And I had to look at my calendar to remind myself.
A day on the road is a week in normal life.
Today is a day off.
I felt sick yesterday.
I was freezing.
After the show.
We got pho soup.
And I wrapped myself in the hotel bathrobe.
Crawled under the covers and passed out.
It´s almost 2pm and here I still am.
Just had to do some work on the computer.
Today we have a 9 hour drive infront of us.
Salt Lake City.
And then.
San Fransisco.
And city of Angels, La La Land.
Then a week off.
Which will include returning to my amazing cottage in LA.
The hammock is calling.
And drive from LA to Dallas, Texas.

Random highway stops. 

Amazing views in Colorado. 

I found this amazing app.
Tune in radio.
The 80's and 90's channels rock.

The venue last night.
Trying to look cool turn into looking uncomfortable. 

Nov 22, 2013

We hit the snow.

After NYC.
8 hour drive.
Cleveland, double show.
Night drive.
Half way.
8 hour drive.
Chicago, double show.
Night drive.
Half way.
Highway hotel.
6 hour drive.
Now in Omaha, Nebraska.
Night drive approaching.
Destination Englewood, Colorado.
9 hour drive.
My mood keeps swinging.
Yesterday was a good day.
The day before was stressful.
Today has been half and half.
It´s snowy.
And really cold.
I´m thinking about Mexico.


Highway hotel, and caddy. 

I love shitty places with comfy beds. 

This morning, of afternoon before hitting the road. 

Here we slept, no idea where though. 

Next door was this amazing authentic southern food place.
Meat loaf. 

The open road. 

Snow, is unfair and cold. 

Nov 20, 2013


 A spontanious decision was made.
We had a day off.
We drove to NYC.
From Boston.
After a visit at Harvard.
Got tickets.
Backstage passes.
And went to see my biggest idol.
Mr. Yeezy.
Kanye West.
My third time.
It was amazing.
I was so happy.
I got even happier seeing my friend there.
She works for him.
And even happier.
At the intimate afterparty.
Kanye walked out from the bathroom.
And came over to me.
And started a conversation. 
I always felt like I didn't wanna meet him.
I didn't wanna ruin my image of him.
But he was so nice.
I was surprised.
And so so happy. 
I think I'll meet him again.
Kim was there too.

I'm in Cleveland now.
I will have a heart attack soon.