Feb 28, 2013

Sydney, I have returned.

Couple of days spent in Perth.
It was amazing.
And amazing people.
We drove 3 hours south to Yallingup.
A deserted beach.
I swam far out and was right next to a pack of wild dolphins, probably 15 of them.
I can't even describe the feeling.
Afterwards I heard there's a lot of sharks out there.
I guess I was safe with the dolphins.
Now I'm in Sydney.
It's rainy.
We went and saw Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Opera House.
And were invited to the afterparty.
I was impressed.
Such a talented man.

Feb 25, 2013


Adelaide done and seen.
Tomorrow Perth.
Arts Festival.
Never been in Perth before.
It doesn't feel like I'm in Australia yet.

Feb 23, 2013


Starting to get this annoying habbit of talking like a kiwi or aussie person.
I can still say some words in the accent.
That I learned while living in Oz.
But it ain't good.
But it sure is fun.
Tomorrow leaving Kiwi land.
Going to Adelaide.

PS. Those guys with that Thrift Shop song are here here too. Apparently they only ave $20 in their pocket.

Feb 21, 2013


Sometimes when I hear what's going on at home I feel like I'm a million miles away.
When I hear positive news.
And life changes.
I feel quilty for not being there.
I hope you know I love you.
And support no matter what.
And there in spirit.
So much is changing in a short while.
And I'm in NZ.
Sentimental goodnight.

Feb 19, 2013

Flying high.

I'm happy.
Even though I'm coughing so much it feels like my lungs are going to come out soon.
Scared that I'm getting bronchitis.
I'm sitting at the airport right now.
New Zealand up next.
Had an amazing time in L.A. again.
I'll leave it at that.

PS. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is wonderful.

Feb 18, 2013

La La La.

I'm in L.A.
I am always happy to be here.
Snoop Lion was on the same plane.
He had been performing at Canadian Springbreak in Cancun.
He snores.
Tomorrow Auckland, NZ.

Feb 14, 2013


And I love Mexico.
Even though I am a bit sick.
And had a high fever last night

Feb 11, 2013

Nemo is my friend.

I´ve been so busy.
Haven´t had time to write.
Actually I would´ve had time but where to start.
This is just a quick one too.
I´m still in NYC.
I survived Nemo, the snowstorm.
Which was kind of funny for me coming from Finland.
It was like any other winter day.
Wen´t to some parties.
Saw a friend from back home.
And tonight there´s a video shoot.
It´s raining.
On wednesday I´m going to Mexico.
For four days.

Feb 4, 2013


So looks like I'm not going home to Miami for a long time.
Staying in NYC for a while now.
What had happened during the last 4 days.
Hm a lil bit of this.
A lil bit of that.
Well let the pics tell the story.
In the last days I...

Went to a party in Brooklyn and saw my friends band, the amazing Avanlava. 
Click for the music video Sisters. 

They had beer kegs and red cups. Someone suggested I should do a keg stand.
How overly American.
 And I did not do it, I guess that time already passed for me. 

I got my bangs cut, not convinced yet. 

I wen´t on a carousel with the NYC family. EEEEK. 

Ain´t nobody got time for that. Over and Over and Over again.
Oh sweet brown.

Thought about the struggles of artistic people, and weirdly found this in my wallet. 

Watched the Super Bowl halftime show and the most beautiful woman in the world, Queen-B Beyonce.

Spent a lot of time admiring my views and slept with the drapes open.
Turned around at 7 am and took this shot from window nr.1.

Looked out the window all the time and sighed, this shot from window nr.2.

Spent time with amazing people, drinking beer.
And instead of taking pictures of them I took a selfie in the bathroom.
How selfish.

Feb 1, 2013

It´s cold.

I should be used to weather like this.
But it´s freezing.
And what´s up with them selling shorts and summer clothes in the stores?
I couldn´t find a sweater yesterday.
I´m feeling so lazy.
Bagel love. 

Met my dear australian friend Elliott yesterday. 

Me and Elliott met in Bali about 2 years ago. 
He moved to Finland for about 6 months. 
And now he has been here in NYC for 6 months. 
But he is going home on Monday. 
And I´ll probably see him in Melbourne soon. 
It´s amazing how you meet people and reunite in different parts of the world, 
And Elliott has become a very dear friend to me, when we see each other it´s like we´ve never been apart.