Mar 28, 2013


I found something to get obsessed about.
Ice hockey.
Florida Panthers.
Wen´t to see a game.
It was amazing.
They won 5-4.
Had a shoot off and everything.
Erik Gudbranson is my favourite player.
Oh those canadians.

I´ve been hungover the whole day.
My friend came back to town last night.
Was sad.
Needed comforting.
And beer.
And tequila.
And karaoke.
Fell asleept at 6:30am.
I guess.

What else.
Well I´ve been doing all touristy things.
And it´s been so much fun.
Saw the Everglades.
And alligators.
Did you know that Florida has both alligators and crocs.
Now you do.
And here to bore you more.
Tourist pics:

My sister had her birthday. I miss her. I guess I got the years wrong. 

Coral Gables and the Giant (good band name?)

Venetian Pool, so beautiful.


Frank Ocean - Lost 

Cheerio and goodnight. 

Mar 25, 2013


I am tired.
A lot has been going on.
Seing myself work through the eyes of others.
Makes me think.
I´ve gotten really good at this.
And I don´t think many would be able to do this.
Or to even understand it.
I can´t even explain it.
It needs to be experienced.

So looks like I am going to New York.
Next week.
For about 4 days.
It will be cold.
And fun.

I was asked to be involved in this thing.
That I have been thinking about myself for a long time.
And I am so happy if this really happens as planned.
And I am so happy that I was asked.
How come life always surprises when you least expect it.
More on that later.
But you will be excited too.
God natt.

My work space today, the organised mess - I call it.

We watched Forrest Gump the other day, for the 10th time or something.
I mentioned hearing there is a company called Bubba Gump.
I google it and there´s a restaurant 10 mins from my house.
IT WAS weird, touristy, busy, crazy but SO AMAZING.

Mar 24, 2013


I can´t be without it.
I can´t be with it.
It keeps me up all night.
I go crazy without it.
I try to avoid it as much as I can.
It stresses me out not being there.
It stresses me out being there.
It decreases my creativity.
It increases my creativity.
Work would be impossible without it.
But sometimes.
Sometimes I secretly wish I could run away.
It wouldn´t know where I was.
Why do you make me stupid?
Why do you make me smart?
Why do you make me so addicted?
Don´t leave me.

Mar 23, 2013


I´m tired.
My head is throbbing.
A whole day of hangover.
And I got one step closer to skin cancer.
I burned my back sleeping in the sun.
And so did my brother too.
What have I been doing.
Took my brother & gf to my favourite miami bars yesterday.
The Room & The Radio.
They got tired.
Wen´t home.
I stayed all night.
You never say no to free tequilas, right?
Wen´t to bed at 5am.
With my boyfriend Abuelo.
Who also seemed to be suffering with me.

Today wen´t to the beach.
Took them to my favourite takeaway Joe´s stone crabs.
Watched Forest Gump.
Which I realised might be one of the best movies all time.
Then we went for a bike ride.
The wonders of Miami beach.
Then my tattoo artist wanted me to go over to the shop.
Lovehate tattoo (yes it´s the Miami Ink shop).
So I wen´t there.
Hanged out for a bit.
And talked about life in general.
And Sweet Brown (youtube if you don´t know it).
They had a quiet night and were bored.
They live the same kind of life.
All over the place.

I have missed a lot of people today.
And I have missed home.
Now I´m on my computer working.
Like a normal person does.
At 11.45pm.

I should not take people shopping. I might end up buying shoes like these.

He is just such a character.

In my hungoverness,
I was laughing at the pumped people you see on the beach.

MEXICAN COKE, thank you for trying to save my day.

"Jenny, I might not be a smart man but I know what love is."
This is a quote that was used a lot in Australia. 

My SoBe.

Ride or die.

Mar 22, 2013


I've heard people have had problems commenting, can someone prove me
right or wrong? Does the mobile site suck? Someone? Anyone?

Mar 21, 2013


Yesterday was a great T-shirt find day.
And clean up your clothes day.
My brother and his girlfriend came.
They brought me AMAZING STUFF.
I was never a great rye bread fan.
Now, I can´t get it.
So I feel like I want it.
I need it.
I am fucking dying without it.
These days, no one´s really selling that shit on the streets.
Reverse psychology.
Now I wanna thank my sister for the amazing Iphone case.
A custom case with a picture of us on the back.
Love you.
(This is where you go: Awwwwwwwww).
By the way.
My dirty hands will be touching your face all the time.

I love pictures.
What would our memories be without them.
What would my mind be without them.
My minds make believe.
I´ve spent recent nights on the phone.
Mostly with travel agents.
And hotels.
Time difference is a close friend to insomnia.

Who´s bad?

I´ve been looking for this T for a while, RIP.

Remembered I have this awesome Hunx & His Punx T, I cut the sleeves.
I did production for them in Finland. 

I had to get this!!!!! I did not know Live Nation had it´s own merch company.

I HAVE piles and piles of clothes, want some?

And these are the items I requested from Finland.
Fazers chocolate - of course, LEGENDARY.
Reissumies - Proper Rye bread.
Salmiakki - salty liquorice
Oltermanni cheese - just so relish now that I can´t have it here
Abba - tuna paste thingy to put on your bread (my mouth is watering).
JALOVIINA  or JALLU as we call it- this liquor made of brandy, neutral grain spirit and water
Last but not least.
HESBURGER MAYO - This burger chain with the most unbeatable burgers.



My brother.
From the same mother.
Is coming to Miami.
With his girlfriend.
My sista from another mista.
And they are bringing me a lot of goodies from back home.
So off to the airport I go.
I will play this for them in the car.
"South Beach, bringing the heat"

Mar 20, 2013

Did you know.

I am from Finland.
I´ve lived in the US for about 8 months now.
I left to live in Australia for a year when I was 19.
By myself.
I traveled around Indonesia by myself when I was 22.
I used to dance ballet for about 8 years.
I continued on to hip hop.
I used to teach 3 groups in different ages in hip hop/street dance.
I participated in the championships of hip hop in 2007.
I used to work as the Moomin character "Pikku Myy"/"Lilla My".
I used to study photography.
I got accepted into a photography school in London.
I did not go.
I used to write a blog about my unfortunate relationships.
It grew big.
Got fame.
I stopped.
I´m only 25 years old.
I feel like my soul might be older.
I have a lot of stories to tell.
Someone, publish my book.
I´ll pitch the shit out of it.

Mar 19, 2013


My friend.
Well he decided to unexpectedly join me a couple of days ago. 
I thought he would just stick around for a day but he decided to extend his stay. 
So last night he would not let me go to sleep until 6:30am. 
It wasn´t all that fun. 
At 9am I had an appointment at the vet. 
No, not me but my boyfriend Abuelo.
Came home and noticed Insomnia had left me. 
Without goodbyes.
But he had left parting gifts, friendly as he is. 
I wen´t back to bed and slept the whole day.
With my two new friends. 
Swollen throat and hardcore aching body. 
Yes, there is a difference between just an aching body and a hardcore one. 
This always happens to me when I get off tour. 
My body turns into a party and everyone´s invited. 

An ode to my mother.

It´s not just a dish.
It´s a feeling.
It´s love.
It´s closeness.
The shared past.
And the upcoming future.
I tried.
I had the chicken.
My knowledge of making it.
Yes, the flavour were there.
No, the feelings weren´t.
And you´re thinking: "what the hell is that?!".

Mar 18, 2013

Ultra it was.

I probably forgot to mention that Deadmau5 and Kat Von D was on my flight.
From LAX to MIA.
So immediately I thought,
"Why are they going to Miami".
Well my research showed me the fact that there is/was a two weekend festival.
Called Ultra Music Festival.
Oh my.
So my friend who has this smog machine company hooked me up with a ticket.
Of course I missed Faithless, Yeasayer, Fatboy Slim and all those others I wanted to see.
But I accidentally became friends with Crystal Castles.
Awesome people.
Their show was on friday.
I missed it.
There´s always next weekend.
Crazy nights.
Crazy people.
Crazy party.
I´m in Miami bitch.

He took so long to pick me up that I missed Yeasayer.


Cascade had some insane pyro.

And my favourite Crystal Castles song.

Mar 16, 2013

Now I´m really home.

In the late hour.
And the darkness of my room.
I lay in a comfortable bed.
Not being able to sleep.
It´s 3:30am.
But my body is in 00:30am.

Friends came over to our L.A. house last night.
It was nice.
We sat in our little garden.
But my mind was somewhere else.
There is a situation bothering me.
And I can´t really get a grip of it.
But it is about a person.
That I know.
And I find very intriguing.
But let´s not get too personal here.

I flew with sadness today.
As i normally do when I leave Los Angeles.
There is always a force pulling me back.
Telling me to stick around.
To stay.
Take me forever.

But my airport karma was really good today.
I was on time.
Even though I drove there myself.
And even though I had my boyfriend Abuelo with me.
And I very and extremely rarely get starstruck BUT.
Alexander Skarsgård standing behind me in the coffee line.
Well you can say my knees got a bit weak.
For a moment I felt like I should´ve said:
-"Alexander look"
And showed him my knuckle tattoos: "KÄR-LEK".
Instead I took my coffee and walked away with a smile on my face.
Oh Eric.

So I landed.
Walked through the door.
Looked around.
Took a walk.
Went for a drive.
And came to the consensus that this feels good after 2,5 months.
So here I lay in clean and new sheets.
Hear the snores of my wondrous Abuelo.
And thinking about what tomorrow will bring.
I´ve missed home.
Miami, I am here.
(and so is spring break apparently too OMG YOLO LOL LMAO!!!!)

I´m never going to get sick of this song.
Keep coming back to it.
And back again.
And again.
And then I passed Hollywood forever cemetery many times.
And then I went there.
And I saw a chapel made into a recording studio.
And now I even love this song more.

Mar 13, 2013


Or home.
What is my home.
I am a gypsy.
Anyways I am in L.A.
The promised land.
My home?
Leaving Friday to really go home.
To Miami.
Haven´t been there in ages.
And apparently spring break is on over there.
I am staying in Los Angeles in this beautiful house.
I wanna live here.
Maybe soon.
My body is totally exhausted from the jet lag.
I slept until 2:30 pm.
And my flight experience was horrible.
Sat in the MIDDLE SEAT.
I always have isle.

My karma was just off yesterday.
Here we go.

I had 2 suitcases at the airport.
I couldn´t pay cash.
My card didn´t work.
I cried.
And the lady let me go.
I saved $270.

Then the system crashed when I was standing going through the customs.
And got stuck talking to the customs guy for about 20 minutes.
I am scared of them.
Try to be relaxed.

Then I got my car.
And we we´re going for dinner.
And I back up from the drive way of the house.
And back up into a Mercedes.
My white car was more damaged.
I left a note and it´s all covered so I´m good.
But felt so stupid.
But the person was super nice.
Texted me this morning:
"I admire your honesty, I do appreciate it...
Again thank you for your kind heart, god bless"

My La La Land.

The most used phrase at the moment. 


Our LA garden.

Night cap with limes from the garden. 

Mar 10, 2013


Last show today.
In Hobart, Tasmania.
I was going to fly to L.A. tomorrow.
Last minute changes.
I am spending an additional day in Sydney.
And this change was made now at 2:30am.
About 12 hours before my original flight.
Then L.A. for a couple of days.
Well wake up call in 5 hours.

Mar 8, 2013

Golden Plains.

Yesterday was a day off.
The day before that Melbourne, The Forum.
One of the nicest venues I've ever seen.
Yesterday I slept late.
Had brekky.
Saw Dinosaur jr have soundcheck.
Went to the beach.
Saw my dear friend Jason.
Had dinner.
Went to a gay dance party.
All in all good day.
Now going to Golden Plains festival.
In Meredith.

Mar 6, 2013

Feels like home.

I have returned.
It feels like I'm back in my hoods.
In St:Kilda.
Back 5 years ago I lived in South Yarra.
Worked on Chapel Street.
It's so hot.
33 degrees.
I saw one of my best friends today.
Met him in Indonesia.
He lived in Finland.
Saw him in NYC.
And here I am, in his mother country.

Yesterday I went to bed at 5am.
There was an epic afterparty.
And epic dancing.
I wanted to dance for longer.
We were too late.
Saw a friend in Brissy.
I found out I broke his heart 5 years ago.
And I didn't even know.

Mar 4, 2013

Days off.

Sydney and newcastle done.
In Byron Bay.
Love this place.
Met my dear friend.
Went to the beach.
Next up Brisbane.
1,5 days off did good.
Minus the horrible murder nightmares I had last night.
And the fire alarm that went on at 3am.