May 29, 2013

Ciao South America.

In an hour we are off to the airport.
After Brazil.
And Uruguay.
This South American tour is now over.
Off we go.
Back to the states.
Can´t wait for the festivals.
And then "rest" for 10 days.
I miss both Miami.
And home, Finland.
I wish I could take all my close ones with me everywhere I go.
Gotta pack.
See you on the other side.

May 28, 2013


This one goes out for you.
Peeps, living in Helsinki or around that area.
June 1st.
A new vintage store.
Better go check it out.
There will be about 50 pieces of clothing.
Picked out by me all the way from The United States of America.
You will recognise them by the tags, "Stars & Stripes & Annikki".
More might show up whenever I am able to take a break from this busy life.


May 27, 2013

Video. Montevideo.

I have been kind of slow on updating.
That happens.
Today is the last show in South America.
Uruguay, Montevideo.
It´s a beautiful place.
It´s been a rough couple of days.
Or last night.
Yesterday we flew in.
And the whole family went to a tiny little bar.
Stayed there for a long time.
Then an ice bar at the hotel.
Kind of felt like home in a weird way.
Enjoy the blurry pictures.
I am still kind of wondering why no one ever comments.
I guess there´s nothing to say.

Next up Nelsonville Festival in Ohio and Free Press Festival in Texas.

Got a Titanic feeling in the hotel. 

Flew over the Andes. 


Statue in Montevideo. 


Graveyard for slot machines at hotel.
We weren´t supposed to be in here.

View from my room at 8am.

Got a new ring, AGAIN.
Uruguay coin from the 80´s.

May 25, 2013

I´m in Santiago de Chile.

And it´s beautiful.
2,5 hours and it´s showtime.
Gotta hustle.
Tomorrow Montevideo.
And then South America is done.
Then up next.
Ohio and Texas.

May 23, 2013

Healing energy.

I walked around today Buenos Aires today.
People were staring.
I guess we looked different.
And hearing english makes people wonder.

Later I saw an Argentinian energy healer.
Basically he feels what´s wrong with you.
He was a psychic too.
He was old, heavy with grey hair and beard.
And he didn´t speak english.
I didn´t speak spanish.
It was amazing and he knew exactly what was up.
With my body.
With my spirit.
And before I left he gave me two really long hugs.
Like he didn´t wanna let go.
Kissed me many times on my cheeks.
And said in spanish that he only wants me to be happy.
When I talked about this later it made me cry.
I needed it.
Tomorrow off to Santiago, Chile.
Any tips?

There is a big celebration on Saturday.
Independence day. 

May 22, 2013

Buenos Aires.

Que pasa?
From Recife we went to Sao Paulo.
And from Sao Paulo we flew to Buenos Aires today.
I have slept an hour last night.
I slept this morning, from 9am to 10am.
I am so tired right now.
Yesterday was a show day.
Walked around town too a little bit.
I don´t understand why everyone says it´s so dangerous.
I mean bad things can happen everywhere.
Wrong place at the wrong time.
After the show there was an afterparty.
And I didn´t really have a choice.
Stayed until 6am.
Came to the hotel and walked straight to breakfast.
Had an hour of sleep.
I feel like my body is ageing fast.
Tonight I am just going to relax.
And tomorrow is a show.
I just came to my hotel room.
And it´s so nice.
I need a little downtime by myself.
I´ve cried a little the last days.
It´s been rough.
I miss my loved ones.
As I always do, but a lot recently.

PS. Now I´m going to go to the Sauna with my girlies.

I love Brazilian STEAK HOUSES. 

Another city, another view.
Sao Paulo.

I LOVE eating at "shitty" local places.
Breakfast, my favourite. 

I bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday.
The tour manager asked today why my bag is getting overweight?

Leaving hotel for venue yesterday. 

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND (on repeat in my head recently).
This was outside the venue.


A random burger commercial at the airport.
I don´t get it. 

This is where I am sitting right now. 

May 19, 2013


Yesterday was the first show day.
Brazil crowd.
What can you say?
Show didn´t start until 12:30am.
So we were back at the hotel at about 3am.
Flew today to Recife.
It´s so beautiful here.
Show in a couple of hours again.
Yesterday I had some time to stress-explore Rio.
It was so cloudy that I wasn´t able to go and see THE STATUE.
And when I say THAT STATUE, you must know what I mean.
Cristo Redentor.
But I wen´t to another mountain.
The view was breathtaking.
No show.
Fly to Sao Paulo.

PS. I have only been smoking electric cigarettes.
I think I´m quitting?




The view from floor 32, Recife. 

My tired face this morning. 

May 18, 2013

Santa Teresa.

I am in Rio.
Landed this morning.
Had a good flight.
3 seats all to myself.
Slept like a baby.
It's 5:30am.
I wanted to sleep at about 10pm.
It's been raining all day.
We went to an area called St Teresa.
(That's me!)
It was so nice.
But too tired to say shit.
Nighty Night.
Tomorrow it starts for real.


May 15, 2013

Beach chill.

I have been working.
But I have also had some time off.
On the beautiful beach.
Burned my back of course.
As usual.
Tomorrow there´s work.
And there´s a flight to catch to Rio.
Ay caramba.
I might even go out for a beer tonight.
Just one.

A random man asked me to rub sun lotion on his back today.
Ugh what the hell do you say to that.
Think fast.
"Sorry but no, I am scared of germs".

The quality of my pics are all of a sudden super shitty.
Don´t know why?
Yesterday went for a skate. 

Walking home from le beach today. 

May 13, 2013

Back at the base.

Have I returned to the promised sunshine state.
The flight was all pain.
9 hours.
Landed and the line for passport control was insane.
Took me 1,5 hour.
Now I have been up way too long.
Jet-Lag, hello!
Earlier I took my bike.
Went to my main diner.
The cuban Puerto Sagua.
The vibe and the food in that place.
So homie.
Now I´m so tired.
Listening to some good tunes.

Had a coffee in NYC by myself on the street corner.
A british man sat next to me and we started talking.
He told me about his friends band.
Who will also play at Glastonbury.
So here I am listening to them.
Really pleasant I must say.
London Grammar.

And this song has been on repeat today.

The two black alley cats hanging out, as usual.
They love each other. 

Stars & Stripes & Annikki as usual. Blurry.

I can´t complain when the view while landing is this, as usual. 
My main hang, Puerto Sagua, as usual. 

May 12, 2013

Oh my.

It's been too long.
So sorry.
London was cold.
And busy. 
Radio show.
Took a train.
Came to Pariii.
I got sick.
Had a fever.
And worst flu ever.
Tv performance.
I saw it from my bed.
Decided the next day to not be sick anymore.
Took in some of the Paris love.
Went here and there. 
Met amazing people.
As always. 
Today was mellow. 
Tomorrow early flight to Miami.
2 days of getting shit done.
And off to Rio.
Today is mothersday.
I realized that when I go home.
In august.
I haven't seen my family for 8 months.
I miss them. 
3 hours of sleep.
And up and away.
Sorry for the boring pics.

May 7, 2013

I'm in a plane.

I just had a massage.
Now I am sitting in a plane.
Stupid me.
I changed the seat on the machine.
I thought I'd get a whole row.
To myself.
I accidentally changed from my window seat.
To a middle three seat.
Fuck my life.
I had a long night last night.
Went to see a friend at Le Baron.
Works there.
And another friend at Max Fish.
Owns it.
As I was standing outside Max Fish.
Smoking a cigarette.
My super awesome friend walks up.
And he lives in LA.
He was coming there too.
We did not know that we were in the same city.
How small is the world?
I love life.

Oh My Gosh!
They are talking Bri'ish English.

May 6, 2013

Queen RiRi.

Oh man.
I fell in love with Rihanna last night.
Went to dinner.
Went to the show.
Hung out backstage.
Met her band.
But holy hell.
She was so amazing.
And beautiful.
It´s always interesting.
It´s always interesting to see productions that size.
There was an after party too.
Sean Kingston was there.
I had two glasses of water.
Then I went to bed.

May 5, 2013


Computer next to the window.
Looking out.
Busy Chinatown street. 
Listening to Jay-Z. 
I am hungover. 
The sun is shining. 
It´s Sunday. 
I gotta get a move on. 
Venture the city. 
Went to some over the top house party last night. 
An amazing apartment. 
Then did a little karaoke. 
2 seconds ago I got a text asking if I wanna see Rihanna today. 
With my Tour mummy & daddy as I call them. 
Why not. 
Yesterday I spent a lot of time with my US siblings. 
The day before I spend the evening at the hospital. 
My US sister went to surgery. 
She needed some cheering up. 
What else is new? 
I am flying to London on tuesday. 
Then taking train to Paris after a couple of days. 

Coffee in the sunshine.
I had a conversation with a random person.
Sitting next to me.
He was from England. 

Went to say hi to my man yesterday.
Too bad he was only on a screen. 

Did a little film shoot yesterday.
Or I assisted as I normally do. 

My friends bags are being sold at Urban Outiftters woop.

May 3, 2013

Oui, Oui.

I´m in NYC now.
Feels weirdly like home.
Today I was at the airport.
And found out then and there.
That I´m flying to Paris on Tuesday.
I was like "What, I´m going to Paris?"
They forgot to mention that to me.
So I cancelled my flight back to Miami.
Seems like I´ll have two days off in Paris.
Thank god I packed some spare underwear.
After Paris to Miami.
Couple of days and fly to Rio.
Isn´t it funny?

Flying in to NYC.
Reminded me of home in a weird way. 

Got in, dropped off bags and spent the night here.
In Brooklyn.
There was a fireplace. 

May 1, 2013

Glada Vappen.

I guess Mayday is my favourite celebration all year.
In Finland that is.
And I am sad to have missed it.
I love the feeling that day.
People get into summer mode this day.
Open up.
Get positive.
And revive from that horrible winter depression.
But hey, I´ll get springtime tomorrow.
NYC, baby!
Back next week.
Here for a week.
Como estas?
Pretty busy until August.
I guess I will having a lot more fun too.
Because I just went platinum.

Me last week, doing a pose of course. 

Me now.
I have to start buying wigs, I can´t keep changing like this.
P.S. Look at my dirty feet.