Jun 27, 2013

I am in Zurich.

And it´s cold.
I am so disappointed.
Hope Finland will be hot.
In a week.
Tomorrow Munich.
I have been sleeping so well recently.
On the bus.
I feel like I haven´t slept this well in a long time.
I can´t wait to crawl into my bunk.


Where am I?
Oh yeah, Belgium. 
Had the best sleep ever last night. 
Didn´t even notice us going on a ferry. 
Yesterday and the day before. 
Tour life has been fun. 
We have such a great family at the moment. 
Makes me smile. 
What else. 
I just bought flights to visit home. 
But I just have a LITTLE time. 
Last night I saw a friend I haven´t seen since I was 19. 
We met in Australia. 
I felt bad though. 
I was working and didn´t have time to focus on him. 
Another pleasant surprise was my new friend Nathan. 
Who plays in Crystal Castles. 

Jun 24, 2013

Bus life.

I'm on a bus.
Somewhere in Germany.
On the way to London.
It's been a long day.
Change of bus.
And fixing technical issues.
What was supposed to be a smooth transition.
Turned into 7 long hours.
It's all Limp Bizkits fault.
All I can say. 
I'm sitting on the sexond floor.
Basically I have the same view as the driver.
It's raining.
Wasn't Europe supposed to be hot?

Jun 22, 2013


Ich bin in Europa.
Landed this morning 6am.
Tired and jet lagged.
Tonight there´s a festival.
And then 6 hour drive to Berlin.
Sleeping in the bunk on the bus again.
Love it.

Jun 19, 2013

Early Morning.

Today I woke up at 7am.
Went to the beach.
Dove into the ocean.
It was needed.
As I was brought up next to the ocean.
I always feel it calling me.
It´s an element I need to have near me.
And I certainly feel it calling me when it´s been too long.
I had a massage by this healer.
The more I think about it.
The weirder I feel it was.
I went to the airport during rush hour.
I went shopping for stupid beauty products.
Went to Wynwood.
The graffiti, cool area of Miami.
And saw how the bar went crazy when Miami Heat won the game.
Tomorrow is a busy day.
And also a travel day.
I will not return to Miami until the end of August.

I´m a nerd. 

Wynwood, Miami. 

My precious Nico.
And black lipstick.
And a crow. 

Wood Tavern in Wynwood.

And I guess I´ll dancing (not by myself) 
to this in the next few days. 

Jun 17, 2013

I sometimes forget.

I have yet again neglected you.
4 days.
Please forgive me.
I am laying in my bed in Miami.
He's snoring next to me.
My boyfriend.
Abuelo, the dog.
I am wearing my new bathrobe.
It has a hoodie.
(I hope I've shared my love for bathrobes with you.)
I just decided I'm going to bring it with me to Europe.
On the tour bus.
I am home for 2 whole days.
Yesterday I landed.
And on wednesday I fly.
Today I put together a package.
To be sent to Finland.
Soul Vintage Helsinki.
Have you heard of it?
This'll be there soon.
Damn it.
Will tell you about Bonnaroo.

What can I say.
Honky Tonk bar.
United States.
I would never have thought I would dance to country music.
A 75 year old man.
Asked me to dance.
Good ol' country.
I said "I'm only here to observe".
With disappointment in his eyes
he watched me later dance away.

Jun 14, 2013


I was in Miami for about 12 hours.
Got to chill a little bit.
Went out for a few beers.
I was on the beach for an hour.
It was about 90 degrees.
And flew tonight to Nashville, Tennessee.
Bonnaroo Festival up next.
Will see Wu Tang tomorrow.
But missed Father John today.

Jun 11, 2013

I was on morning tv.

In Finland.
For about 5 minutes.
I came home after 2 beers.
And 2 tequilas.
And felt a bit giggly.
I was so nervous.
And I thought I would have time to explain my pictures.
I had some really random pictures.
Because I thought the topic would be "tour life".
One of the weirdest ones.
An unmade bed.
By the way it was the best bed I´ve ever slept in.
So it got it´s 5 minutes of fame.
Anyways I can´t even watch the clip now abroad.

After that I continued my journey.
Out in the Atlanta night.
We met up with our friends.
The ATL Twins.
If you have seen the movie Springbreakers.
You know who they are.
Or you can just google.
Really sweet people.
A perfect example where IMAGE.
And reality.
Don´t go hand in hand.
Image always lies.
I was offered a job yesterday too.
Maybe I´ll move to Atlanta.
One day.
Tomorrow we go home to Miami.
And there for about 12 hours.
Then off to Bonnaroo.

Park hang. 

The Earl, backstage. 

Frontbar at The Earl. 

My ATL buddy, Dorien. 

The Clearmont. 

Buckhead, ATL.

A new Tony Hawk skatepark. 

Me being a nerd. 

Jun 7, 2013

Have you ever.

Been the only white person in a bar?
Where they only play hip hop.
And everyone knows the lyrics to all the songs.
And all the ladies look like Beyoncé.
And you feel a little funny.
Being the only white and blond person there.
Looking at someone´s J.Lo. booty.
And feeling what you got going on back there.

Seen 50 year old strippers dance on a table.
In a white trash bar.
In a basement.
While a band plays cheesy southern covers.
And they wear cowboy hats.
And have long hair.
And use a "nickelback" voice.
And everyone in the bar drinks PBR´s.
And you can buy shirts that say "I saw your momma dance at...".
Have you?

I hadn´t.
But I guess it was a first for all of the above last night.
Option B) was hilarious.
Felt like your in a bad movie.
I love this overly american southern vibe.
Sorry if someone is offended.
Or shocked (relatives or family).

B) Medicinal cups as shot glasses. 

Been driving this huge Lincoln around all day.

I miss my dark long hair.
So much.
Isn´t it better? YES!

Jun 6, 2013


Atlanta is nothing what I expected.
It´s nice.
I pictured it to be overly rough.
And grey and I don´t know.
I am actually like the deep south.
Houses with porches.
Southern food
(Getting fat).
Arrived yesterday.
Short flight.
Rental car.
Back to the roots.
Hearing to a lot of stories of the past.
Meeting family and friends.
Makes me miss my family.

Still have no return flights home or anywhere else.

Just know Nashville is coming up next week.
And Billy Idol.
And Europa.

ATL surroundings. 

An amazing house I visited yesterday.

Amazing house part II.

Amazing house part III.

Coffee + Mexican food for breakfast. Guess how good that´s for your tummy.

ATL is kitch paradise. 


Oh how special I felt when I saw all the people who had been there. NOT. 


I had to put these guys on time out today. 

Jun 4, 2013

It´s a hectic life.

Yesterday I flew back.
Landed 4pm.
Went to pick up the babies.
3 dogs.
Ran some errands.
Dropped dead in the bed.
Woke up in the morning stressed out.
I knew I had a lot of things to take care of.
Including flights for tomorrow.
So yes, I came home to do some laundry.
Tomorrow off to Atlanta.
There for a couple of days.
And then... tihihih.
I´ll let you know.
No flights booked yet.
But I´m pretty sure I´m going back, back to Cali, Cali.

There´s a scratch on the car and I got stopped by this latino guy and his granddad.
They said "$100 and we´ll fix that scratch here and now".
And the two other scratches too.
I was like sure.
10 minutes and they were done.
I had been wanting to take the car to a shop for a long time.
Well how convenient.

I´m bummed.
I will miss Fleetwood Mac in Ft Lauderdale on Saturday.

Today I ran into a friend of mine randomly.
And now I just finished packing.
So I will go and have a well deserved beer.
In good company.

How has your day been?

My hairdresser was titled my "Miami mum" today.
Apparently we look a like.
And she said "ANNIKA, you look exhausted and you sound like it too"
I admitted, yes it is true.

4th of JULY is coming, are you ready!
I´ll be in Europe :( 
I love my boyfriend. 

Jun 3, 2013


Sometimes you just do not wan´t to go to bed.
You just wan´t to enjoy those moments to yourself.
Do you have that?
I guess you don´t.
But I guess your life is not work 24/7 either.
I met Of Monsters and Men today at the festival.
I love their overly folky music.
A little too much of "LAA-LAA-LAA".
Oh, Oh and "HEY-HEY-HEY".
And what else.
"And they´re so happy".
I had to tell them that their song "Love, Love, Love" made me cry.
It was a song that just reminded me of my friend.
(And we´re playing a lot of the same festivals as them)
Oh lord.
I´m so emotional now days.
Toughen up, girl.
I miss her.
And someone was amazingly waving the finnish flag.
In the audience.
In Texas.
No Finnish bands were playing.
I guess that´s what we do.
It was an american who thought it was the Icelandic flag.
Finnish sisu.
I think I finally understand the meaning of that.
I have it.

Otherwise I would have given up a long time ago. 

I fly to Miami tomorrow.
Maybe for a day. 

Stars & Stripes & Annikki. Getting sick of it?
Me & A birthday girl backstage
(never saw the festival area).

Saw this at Taco Bell.
Does that give you street cred?


The most amazing pizza box. 


I´m good at being messy. 

IGGY. Sorry the worst pic.
He rocked so hard someone had to basically carry him to the car.
He just laid down in the car and they took off his shoes for him.
Got to meet the Stooges though.

Thanks NYT-liite for mentioning me too. 

Jun 2, 2013

Don´t mess with Texas.

In Houston.
Last show today for this leg of the tour.
Tomorrow home.
Free Press Summer Festival.
Saw Iggy & The Stooges yesterday.
Heard Calvin Harris.

Jun 1, 2013


While being on tour.
Two things I really appreciate.
Has to be really comfy.
And breakfast.
Most important meal of the day.
Today is a travel day.
Goodbye Columbus, Ohio.
Hello Houston ("Don't mess with"), Texas.
It's hot.
And my allergies are bad.