Aug 27, 2013


Some days.
There's just nothing left to say.
I have been running around like crazy.
I feel like super woman.
I'm moving out of my apartment.
Phase 1.
But it's not only my stuff that needs to be moved.
It's amazing to realize how much stuff you've gathered during a year.
If the move happens to the other coast.
I'll roadtrip. 
But anyways.
A couple of hard working days ahead.
And I'll have a little time off.

Can you take me to Santorini?
I have been day dreaming lately.

Aug 25, 2013


Last night we decided to go out.
People everywhere.
Then the dancer side of me felt it.
Invasion of the dance floor.
Not to be cocky.
But it was epic. 
Had an amazing dance partner.
And my friend was djing.
He knows his music. 
When I was done.
And the tunes slowed down.
People came up.
Gave me compliments.
If you didn't know.
I used to be a hip hop dance teacher.

I Read this book.
Rehearsed my guitar skills.
Chilled with ma dawgs.
Did my (apparently getting old) pose before the bar. 
I've mostly done this today.
Also watched the VMA's.

Aug 21, 2013

I will move.

Home again.
Feels weird.
L.A. feels like home.
Was so good to be there. 
I hope I'll move soon.
I got a lot of new friends again.
And met a lot of old friends.
Feeling inspired.
I cut my hair.
And got tattooed.
I'm like a new woman.

I ran into Lady Gaga at the hotel.
I was introduced to Kristen Stewart. 
It's a small town.

Meditating under the full moon.
My friend Adrian.
He redid my hair do. 
He's amazing.
One night.
There was a penthouse party.
We danced and admired the view.
West Hollywood.
Visited Levi's showroom.
Got some free gear.
Wen't to Fairfax Flea.
Always cool.

Aug 17, 2013


Here she was.
He left me without saying goodbye.

Surrounded me.
I drove around for a while in silence.
The streets were deserted.
I knew that the world was going to be changed.
In about 2 hours. 

Aug 13, 2013

Right now.

On my sandy towel.
Burying my feet deep in the sand.
Eventhough my music is blasting.
In my headphones.
I can hear the ocean.
I look up.
I'm almost blinded.
It's the most turqoise color you've ever seen. 
I see oily skin.
It's the scene.
They wanna show off. 
I am letting myself relax.
I'm trying to push certain things off my mind.
I am being me.
Washed Out.
The band.
Released a new album today. 
He is having a private concert.
In my ear. 
And I wish everyone else here could hear this. 
Makes me happy.
I am getting up.
6 steps and it will take me in.
I'm going into the massive waves.

Aug 12, 2013


I just noticed my last post never loaded.
So it´s not really up to date. 
Today I woke up at 8 am. 
Snuggled with all 3 dogs. 
Fell back asleep. 
Woke up at 2pm to gorgeous weather. 
Had to go to the beach. 
After a couple of hours the rain hit. 
I ran home. 
Sun came back out.
Of course. 
Then I ran some errands. 
Grocery shopping (which I hate). 
Heard my body complain about lacking exercise. 
So I did a hardcore roller-skate workout. 
Here I am now in bed waiting to watch True Blood.
I´ve missed out being on tour. 
It´s 10pm and I will try to get up early tomorrow and go for a run. 
I feel like I´m getting old. 
My body suffers from me not taking care of it enough. 

Scandinavia was amazing. 
Reconnected with both old and new friends. 
Had one crazy night of drinking in Norway. 
With my friends from the band Iceage. 
Tequila, I love you but damn, you make me sick. 
We weren´t able to fly early next day so we had to book a new flight. 
We arrived in Finland. 
And at 8pm I threw up. 
That´s how horrible I felt. 
I feel so loved being at home. 
Seeing everyone makes me so happy. 
Well I saw my family. 
And all my friends that were backstage. 
I wasn´t able to go out at all. 
It´s work. 
I´m not able to relax. 
So sometimes you have to compromise. 
And it really feels horrible when I feel quilty. 
For not being able to give as much as I can. 
Or when people make me feel horrible because I can´t give. 
It´s work. 
And I wish people would understand sometimes. 

What else? 
On Thursday I´m off to the city of angels. 
It´s been a while. 
I can´t wait. 

This made me sick in Norway and Finland.
I guess I thought I should go all in.
 As I hadn´t been drinking in a while.

This is such a cute picture of my sister and her boyfriend.

Listening to James Blake..
P.S. I have a fear of being in the background of peoples pics.
BUT I love randoms being in my pics in the background.

Abuelo looks hilarious. 

I have some clothes to go through.
Suitcase life. 


Boarding a plane. 
Returning home.
Once again.
A lot has happened.
In just a few days. 
Met family & friends.
Made me a bit sad.
I was too tired and stressed out.
Didn't have enough time to see everyone.
More to come. 
9 hours.
Let me suffer. 

And a couple just tried to get me to move.
I request an isle seat.
I'm not going to sit in the middle for 9 hours.
I blamed my horrible "anxiety".
They got mad.

This is what I thought. Haha.

The cute backstage bungalow yesterday.
At way out west, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Aug 7, 2013

Bye Bye.

I wanna come back.
I had some whiskey.
And some of us got convinced.
To see some nightlife.
It was fun.
I was unsociable.
I can't be bothered to talk.
To strangers.
I am tired.
I also feel bad.
And the inside gang is easy to talk to.
I don't want to explain same things.
Over and over.
Shit gets old. 
If you always work.
When there's time off.
Do you wanna talk about work?
I loose interest.
All of a sudden I'm the icequeen. 
But I smile inside.
They keep telling me.
I have a smile they haven't seen before.
Someone invaded my mind.
And I don't even mind.

Elephants invaded too.
For some reason they are mentioned around me a lot.
It all started with a dream.

Aug 6, 2013

We out here.

After 4 days of rest.
(Which was sort of also work.)
She was working.
Once again.
On the road.
Miami to Chicago.
2 days.
Then she flew for 10 hours.
Ended up in Copenhagen.
Found herself wandering the streets of Christiania.
Smelling the scent of a certain herb as she strolled around. 
Stoll turned into hang at a beach.
Turned into a beer.
Turned into Tequila.
Turned into Tequilas.
And finally.
A very comfortable bed.
Midnight turned into 3am.
And her body was confused.
The jetlag that never left during the 4 days.
Had returned stronger than ever.

Lollapalooza posse.
We wear black.
Fly outfit. Also FLY outfit.
Dig & Mig i Danmark. 
I have someone special in mind.

Aug 1, 2013


I've been home for 2 days.
It's wonderful.
So this is how rest feels like.
I've been jetlagged.
Falling asleep early.
Waking up even earlier.
But it's good.
My sleeping routine is usually so bad.
Staying up until early mornings.
I have also been like a different person.
Not even feeling like seeing people.
Cooking by myself.
Going out for early walks.
Working out.
I guess I sometimes want to feel like
a "normal" person. 
Whatever that is. 
I have no clue.
I'm happy.
I think I'm in a really good place.
In 2 days flying away again.

7:30am walks.
Biking to the beach. 
My beach.
And loving from my BF.