Nov 29, 2013


I´m backstage.
I hear people screaming.
I´m in Portland.
I love it here.
I love Seattle too.
And a part of me stayed in Seattle.
We had a good time.
Tomorrow is a day off.
And then 2 shows left for a week.
I have had a horrible day today.
For some reason.
Blood, sweat and tears.
Some days on the road are easier.
Some days are really though.
I am also smoking way too much.
For some reason it feels like a reward.
After working like a maniac.

I´m so inspired though.
I think the future looks pretty bright right now.
I will get shit done.
And work with my own creative projects.
And it makes me really happy.
I can do it.

Nov 27, 2013


I love it here.
I have a huge headache. 
Thank god today is a day off. 
Expect for quickly going in to a studio. 
And answering emails. 
And stressing about the future. 
We arrived 3am. 
I feel like sleeping all day. 
But I need to do something else.

Random shots along the way. 

Views of the desert.
Random stops in the desert.
Bathrobe twins
Salt Lake City, twinning. 
Sleep is my drug.
This morning in my shower bedroom. 
At a random parking lot this fella was staring at me. 

Nov 24, 2013

Where am I?

On tour a common questions are.
Where are we?
Where were we yesterday?
Where are we tomorrow?
Last night when I got to the venue in Denver.
The production manager asked me where we came from.
And I had to look at my calendar to remind myself.
A day on the road is a week in normal life.
Today is a day off.
I felt sick yesterday.
I was freezing.
After the show.
We got pho soup.
And I wrapped myself in the hotel bathrobe.
Crawled under the covers and passed out.
It´s almost 2pm and here I still am.
Just had to do some work on the computer.
Today we have a 9 hour drive infront of us.
Salt Lake City.
And then.
San Fransisco.
And city of Angels, La La Land.
Then a week off.
Which will include returning to my amazing cottage in LA.
The hammock is calling.
And drive from LA to Dallas, Texas.

Random highway stops. 

Amazing views in Colorado. 

I found this amazing app.
Tune in radio.
The 80's and 90's channels rock.

The venue last night.
Trying to look cool turn into looking uncomfortable. 

Nov 22, 2013

We hit the snow.

After NYC.
8 hour drive.
Cleveland, double show.
Night drive.
Half way.
8 hour drive.
Chicago, double show.
Night drive.
Half way.
Highway hotel.
6 hour drive.
Now in Omaha, Nebraska.
Night drive approaching.
Destination Englewood, Colorado.
9 hour drive.
My mood keeps swinging.
Yesterday was a good day.
The day before was stressful.
Today has been half and half.
It´s snowy.
And really cold.
I´m thinking about Mexico.


Highway hotel, and caddy. 

I love shitty places with comfy beds. 

This morning, of afternoon before hitting the road. 

Here we slept, no idea where though. 

Next door was this amazing authentic southern food place.
Meat loaf. 

The open road. 

Snow, is unfair and cold. 

Nov 20, 2013


 A spontanious decision was made.
We had a day off.
We drove to NYC.
From Boston.
After a visit at Harvard.
Got tickets.
Backstage passes.
And went to see my biggest idol.
Mr. Yeezy.
Kanye West.
My third time.
It was amazing.
I was so happy.
I got even happier seeing my friend there.
She works for him.
And even happier.
At the intimate afterparty.
Kanye walked out from the bathroom.
And came over to me.
And started a conversation. 
I always felt like I didn't wanna meet him.
I didn't wanna ruin my image of him.
But he was so nice.
I was surprised.
And so so happy. 
I think I'll meet him again.
Kim was there too.

I'm in Cleveland now.
I will have a heart attack soon.

Nov 16, 2013


2 hectic shows.
Sold out.
Yesterday New Haven.
Sold out.
Driving back and forth from NYC.
Tomorrow day off.
Can´t wait.
My body is exhausted.
But there´s a lot more to come.

New Haven was great.
My old friend came to the show.
I love seeing familiar faces.
From home.
Reminds me of who I am.
Where I come from.
Brings back a lot of memories.
This particular friend was my ex-boyfriends roommate.
Back in the day.
And we are basically in the same hometown "gang".

Monday it´s off to Boston.
I am happy today.

For some reason we play a lot of churches, I call it The Church Tour.

Nov 14, 2013

NYC I have returned.

I´m here again.
We drove into DC.
Drove out.
5 hours later.
The city that never sleeps.
But it sure seemed like it was sleeping last night.
We have a double show tonight.
I feel like I should divide myself.
How can I be in 4 different places.
At the same time.
Do you have a secret solution?
I visited a very southern home the other day.
I wanted to lift down the bear.
Take it outside and yell:

Nov 12, 2013


Fathers day was on sunday.
In Finland that is.
Not here in the US.
I miss my family even more when I know they´re all together.
In one place.
Talking and laughing.
And I´m not there.

I wanted to share some cool things about my dad.

He has a motorcycle.
Him and my mom go on motorcycle adventures every summer.
When I was a teenager I was embarrassed when they drove by.
Now days, damn I want my own bike.

He had this old "motorcycle" when I was a kid.
He picked me up from kindergarden and I sat on the back.

He has a boat.
He used to, and still does take us on boat adventures.
Ocean people as we are.
We sometimes went camping and all 5 family members slept in the same tent.
I want to do that with my kids.

The recent family memory.
That I love.
Is us all being at a party.
Maybe we had a drink or two.
As the evening proceeded.
I looked around.
My father.
My sister.
My brother.
My mother.
All busting moves on the dance floor.
And I realised.
(Not to brag)
We are a pretty awesome bunch of people.

I have amazing memories.
And as a kid/teenager you think that you never want to turn out like your parents.
And "I will raise my kids like this".
But the older I get.
The more I realise how amazing they were.
How greatly I was raised.
And how they´ve thought me a lot.
And how I probably will raise my kids in the way they did me.
I love you.

Nov 11, 2013

Day off.

Yesterday was a show day.
It was great.
Went pretty late.
We stayed here in North Carolina.
I had some beers.
First time for this whole adventure.
The evening was filled with deep conversations.
The more I talk about my photography.
The more I understand what my vision is.
And what I´m looking for.
What I want to show people.
What I want people to see.
I went to late to bed.
Woke up.
Walked around.
Felt good.
This is an amazing place.
I walked out.
And heard silence.
Small town charm.

Find me on Flickr.
Carrboro rails.
Fall trails. 
Nico Turner
Moving office.
Work in the local office. 

Nov 8, 2013

In the office.

In Ponte Vedra Beach.
Last night was Atlanta.
We stayed the night.
Drove 6 hours today.
It´s been a good day.
I will drive away from here.
Tomorrow is a day off.
Destination unknown.
We´ll see how far we get until.
Until I need to sleep.
I am filling my stomach with energy shots.
And coffee.  
I love this woman.
I love this picture that I took tonight.
It´s Nico Turner.
Remember her name. 


I'm falling asleep.
It's 3:31am.
And we have a 6 hour drive.
Ponte Vedra Beach.
So exhausted. 

Now I'm being taken away.

The view.

Nov 6, 2013

On the road.

Somewhere in Virginia.
I'm in the passenger seat.
We have a show today.
And we are about 6 hours away.
We've been driving for ages.
And ages.
I'm getting a slight feeling of panic.
I need to work out a lot of things.
I somehow stumbled into a new role.
I'm the tour manager.
I haven't been crowned.
And I don't want the title.
But I am doing everything. 
I have to say.
It comes very natural to me. 
Music City.
See you tonight.

Last time I was in Nashville.
I was in a Honky Tonk bar.
Watching people dance.
To this live country band.
An 80-year old man was eyeing me.
He walked over.
Asked me to dance.
I declined.

Now I can dance.
But as a Finnish person.
Country music isn't in my blood.

Bathroom brakes.
In sketchy truck stops.
Take me home.
Country roads.
Amish country.
Right now.

Nov 3, 2013

Stop it.

He walked in.
He looked like he had just worked out.
He walked to the bar.
He was wearing a cap.
Turned the wrong way.
As I like it.
Before he sat down he pulled up his pants.
Grey sweat pants.
I looked at my friend.
He looked at me.
We were looking at the same thing.
And we giggled.
My friend looked away.
I knew I had to see the face.
He ordered a beer.
Sat down.
I kept wishing he would look my way.
He turned around.
He looked at me.
He smiled.
I wanted to fall off my chair.
I whispered to my friend in excitement.

Started from the bottom...


Nov 2, 2013

What a night.

We were supposed to leave NYC 3 days ago.
I gotta say.
Registering a car is a pain in the ass.
So after trying to arrange that yesterday.
We decided to sit down at about 5pm.
It all started with one drink.
Which escalated into many.
Which led us to have more friends surrounding us.
Which led us to go to Maxwell, the singers party.
Which led me to be at a club next to the hotel.
Which led me to be dancing like a crazy person.
With my friend.
Taking over the dance floor.
Which led me to walk out of the club when they closed.
Wondering where I was.
Realising I was next to the hotel.
Which led me to pass out.
And that´s about it.
I met amazing people.

New York, I love you more and more.
New York, I think we need to move it to the next level.
New York, I think we need to become more serious.
New York, I think I´m ready to commit.
New York, sweep me off my feet.

Take me now.
This was 2 hours ago. 

It seems I stole this last night from the party.

Just the most awesome plate. It´s all for you Romeo.