Feb 26, 2014

It feels like Sunday everyday.

I guess boredom took over a little bit.
So I arranged a pizza night at the hostel.
15 signed up.
And we made 9 pizzas.
Was fun.
Felt good to get a great communal feeling.
And the owners loved it.
I´m just stuck here.
But it´s ok.
I´m not in a rush to go anywhere.
Always this guilt.
Need to get over it.
I was awake until 5am.
I met a new friend.
From my home country.
And we sat up all night.
Talking about life in Finland.
Food in Finland.
My life.
His life.
Struggles of life.
But the consensus was.
Life is amazing.
I repeated (as I now do a lot),
out loud to remind myself:

"It´s the 25th of February.
It´s 11pm.
I don´t have a job.
I am in Belize.
It is a paradise.
Life is good"

I just have to keep reminding myself.
I guess I miss home.
In a different way than I have ever missed it.
New amazing things are coming my way.
I am feeling excited.
The world is my oyster.
But it´s true.

My daily surroundings.

I went sailing.
And snorkeling.
And felt the breeze that I had missed.
I am in my element out on the ocean.

My room, with the sunset, ocean view.

Feb 24, 2014

Last night.

Life is easy.
I have seen so much.
I have chilled.
I have smiled.
Last night we got a boat ride.
To the island next to this one.
San Pedro.
We went dancing.
I loved it.
All locals.
All dancehall.
Today I'm planning a move.
It's hard when you like somewhere.
A lot.
But my friend tells me I will love Utila as much.
I washed my little baby yesterday.
He brings me a lot of joy. 

Feb 20, 2014

Island life is slow.

I feel like this is the first time.
In a very long time.
Where I can do nothing.
And not feel the guilt.
It´s ok to not be productive.
I have had a hard time adjusting.
I still am adjusting. 
It´ll be a long process.

Yesterday I took the bike.
Went to the southern end of the island.
Found a wooden, old, handmade little jetty. 
I sat down. 
Heard nothing but nature. 
Saw nothing but turquoise water. 
And a little hut in the ocean. 
Invaded by birds. 
I was so taken by the whole beauty. 
And by what I was feeling. 
And what I was seeing.
I started crying. 
It felt so good. 

Yesterday I moved into a beautiful room.
It´s private.
It´s in a tower. 
It has windows in 3 directions. 
It has a hammock. 
I have ocean view. 
Sunset view. 
And I feel like I have my very own little treehouse. 

Light play on my very own pier.

My room and the view I wake up too.

Yesterday I stopped at this cute tiny graveyard.
I love old graveyards for some reason.
There´s a charm and beauty in them.

The highlight of yesterday.

The trail that took me to my paradise.
Here´s my new boyfriend.
Actually there´s two, they look exactly the same.
We play everyday.

My street, Island life. 
I met this cute little girl.
She´s 18 and travelling by herself all the way from Germany.
She reminded me so much of my old friend.

Feb 18, 2014

Caribbean life.

I am on a paradise island.
Caye Culker, Belize.
No cars.
Island life.
I got here yesterday.
And I am staying at the coolest hostel.
Where it feels like we all are room mates.
So communal.
And everyone is super social.
I am so happy.
Meeting amazing people.
With a lot of stories.
And different experiences.
But still.
Here we are.
In the same place.
Belize is a cool place.
So different than Guatemala.
Feels like I am in Jamaica.
They talk in the same way.
And the vibe is what I would imagine in Jamaica.

I updated my flickr today.
No pics from Belize yet.
Soon to come.

Climbed few of these the other day.
Went there at 4:30am.

Met one of these at the top of the ruin.

Been remembering that I did need more color in my life.

And more color, in Flores, an island in a lake in Guatemala.

Bad restaurant choices, with good views.

I love my street food.
I taste the love.
And I love that this meal was in total $1,30

These ladies had a table full of amazing, mind blowing, home made food.

Basketball courts with lake views and sunsets, not bad.

I kept walking around saying WOW and AMAZING, which I do constantly now days.

My last picture, my departure from Belize city to Caye Culker.

Feb 16, 2014

Later post.

Yesterdays thoughts.
I feel the wind in my hair.
The sunshine in my face.
The window next to me is open.
My arm might be slightly burned.
From dangling out from the window.
The past 6 hours. 
No wait, 7.
I've been mostly smiling.
Waving to locals.
Taken mental photographs.
Somehow thought about the Lion King.
I guess the fields I saw reminded me.
Tried to describe how I feel.
Tried to stress myself out.
On stupid things.
Realized everything works out.
I am worry free. 
Stress will not be apart of me.
Yesterday I realized.
I want to be a gypsy. 
Until I find what's mine.

Today I stood at the top.
The top of Mayan Ruins.
I can't believe the wonders of the world.

Feb 14, 2014

Slow life.

I am so sorry. 
For the delay. 
The internet is not the best in the jungle of Guatemala. 
I will try to upload pictures now.
I arrived here Monday. 
After an entire day of being on a bus. 
My ass was hurting a lot. 
It´s a bumpy ride. 
I am in a place called Semuc Champay.
Jungle life. 
Beautiful lakes. 
Monkeys in the trees.
Tubing in the river. 
Seeing locals wash themselves on the way. 
I have had an amazing 2 weeks with my friend Lasse. 
Who is also an adventurer from my mother country. 
We parted yesterday. 
He took off early in the morning.
And I am now on my very own adventure. 
I miss him.
I miss the company.
But I will see him soon.
And now I am on my very own adventure. 
Tomorrow I will be on the bus again for 10 hours.
I will go to Flores, Guatemala. 
Then Tikal, mayan ruins. 
Then through Belize. 
Then from Belize to Utila, Honduras.
There I will do my open water certificate. 
Start diving. 
And then I´m heading to Nicaragua. 

The other day. 
I stood at the top of the waterfall. 
It looked like from a scene from the Blue Lagoon. 
Turquoise water. 
I looked up to my right.
I saw the trees moving. 
Four monkeys eating.
Holding on the branches with their tails. 
I looked to my left. 
A steep mountain. 
With gigantic trees. 
Reaching for the water. 
Loud sounds. 
I said. 
I wish I could capture this very specific moment. 
So I could share it with you. 
So you could feel how my blood pulsates. 
So you could feel how fresh the air is. 
So you could feel the massive force of the waterfall. 
Vibrating through my body. 
So you could feel that very specific moment.
That tingling feeling of butterflies in your stomach. 
That moment where you say to yourself. 
"Where am I?". 
And "How did I get here". 
The only thing that came out of me. 
At that moment was. 

Not the exact moment I described. 
But nearly. 
Please check out my Flickr for more pictures. 
Or Instagram. 
Also www.annikaoksanen.com 
Where I started a section. 

Feb 10, 2014

Moving camp.

I have been very active.
And taking a lot of pictures.
Last night I was in a little hobbit sauna.
I haven't been in one since august.
Felt like home.
It's time to leave San Marcos.
12 hour bus ride.
And I'll be in another jungle village.

Yesterday we visited Santiago.
And saw an amazing ceremony.
For the saint Maximón.

Feb 7, 2014

What day is it today?

I decided to participate in an acro yoga class.
And that got me really excited.
Me and my friend did a private class.
With these two amazing teachers.
I feel like a kid again.
Playing in the jungle.

I crossed the lake the other day.

I chilled in a tent on the other side of the lake.

This is my home right now and this is where I sleep, upstairs.

This is the view downstairs, I currently live with two men as you can see from the pile.

The textiles and colours are amazing, and I fell for these shoes.
Yes, I am becoming more colourful and I love it.

Feb 5, 2014


Is amazing right now.
I´m surrounded by jungle.
In a really beautiful place.
In San Marcos, Guatemala.
I live in a little hut.
Sleep upstairs.
My bathroom.
And my shower is outdoors.
I did a hula hoop workshop last night.
And I walk bare feet.
I´m happy.

Cuteness overload.

Beautiful towns.

Black and colours.

Car rides.

Swimming in lakes.


No cars.

Nature´s gifts.
Crosses and towns.



Feb 1, 2014


Sitting here.
Waiting for my friend. 
The airport is calling. 
I feel so strange. 
I did a big Miami night on thursday.
I will remember it forever. 
I did not sleep until 2pm yesterday.
Suffered all day. 
Everything is packed. 
I can´t even express how much I hate packing. 
I have done it more than "normal people". 
I never get better. 
I wonder if my backpack is too heavy. 
Maybe I´ll just throw stuff away on the way. 
I wish I could do a whole Miami dedication post. 
But you know what. 
I´m not really into that shit. 
It happened. 
You have seen it happen since I started this blog. 
Why look back. 
When I can look forward. 
Gracias Miami. 
You gave me a lot. 
I hated you a lot. 
I loved you a lot. 
I never fully understood you.
It´s time.

I got tear drops but I ain´t cryin.