May 25, 2014


I´ve been making myself too busy.
I guess I have a tendency to do so.
I make too many plans.
And it brings me stress.
To have time to do everything.
When I sometimes just need time by myself.
Even the weekend went my so fast.
It was a good one though.
Really good one.
And love.
Today I went to my parents summer house.
It was one of the most relaxing things I´ve done in a while.
It´s a paradise.

Summer cottage.
And a handsome man.

Baby boo.

One of my favourite places in Helsinki.

Through the glass.
Street art.
And my boyfriend.
I have one.

May 18, 2014

I scream.

A lot has happened.
I can´t believe I´ve been home.
1 month.
I have my own apartment.
I have a job.
I have found a big liking in someone.
Somehow all of this happened in a blink of an eye.
I do feel happy.
I am smiling more than usual.
I am not planning any travels.
For a while at least.
I feel content.
I´m surrounded by amazing people.
They make me laugh until I cry.

I went to see a show.
I danced for a good few hours.
And out.
To eat a lot of different cuisines.
Restaurant day was here.
I have some plans for the end of the summer.
When it´s held again.
Then we chilled in the park.
Me and 3 other girls.
Good times.
Was today.
I spent my entire day at the flea market.
Not a lot of people came.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL.
So I didn´t make a lot of money.
Well, it´s ok.

Popcorn SHIRT.
Flea market finds.

She was for sale too.

Beautiful topped with some Aioli.
I have missed Tori.
Amazing food.

Icecream in Finland marks the start of the summer.
I did it on the beach as well, that´s huge.

May 7, 2014

Weird things happen.

Life sometimes surprises me.
Well a lot of times.
Always one step ahead.
You never know what´s around the corner.
I have a long to-do list.
I wish everything would be done.
By magically snapping my fingers.
Reality does not unfortunately work like that.
I am trying to proceed.
Still figuring things out.
At least I have many reasons to smile.
Continuously reminding myself.
Everything happens for a reason.


May 3, 2014

May day.

Came and went.
It was fast.
And filled with laughter.
And friends.

I´ve gotten stuff done.
I have a home.
I can´t believe it.
I am moving forward in graduating.
I usually don´t lack feeling.
But my thesis does.
How do I insert more feeling?
I feel like throwing up.
Reading and editing the thesis.
I want it to be done with.

I came home to my parents.
To take it easy for one night.
Calm down.
Tonight I will O.D.
On sushi.
I guess I´ll move to my own castle next week.
The keys are in my pocket.

It was all black.
As it usually is.